Autumn/Winter Trends To Tap Into Now Style

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Autumn/Winter Trends To Tap Into Now

The change in season ushers more than just crisp mornings and cooler nights - it brings with it a slew of new shapes, shades and statement trends to inject into your cold weather wardrobe. Ahead, some of the biggest trends we’re tapping into when the temperature drops…
REVOLVEfestival Fashion

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Coloured sunglasses, denim, high waisted shorts, braids, kimonos, summer dresses and body suits were all on trend!
From High School to High Fashion Career


From High School to High Fashion

While high school might leave you feeling like you’re in your own little bubble, it’s never too early to start laying the foundations for a budding fashion career. Whether you want to work in design, write for a fashion magazine or are still exploring your interests, here are some ways in which you can set yourself up for a successful start in the fashion industry.
Drew Barrymore - Someone To Adore Fashion

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Drew Barrymore - Someone To Adore

Drew Barrymore, besides being a natural-born star from a young age, making her debut in the timeless film ET, is the quintessential 90s fashion icon. She always appears effortless, as evident with her loose French plait, Levi jeans, and faded maroon blazer and her very trendy cat-eye shades.

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