Politics is fashion forward Fashion

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Politics is fashion forward

Fashion can reflect the social and political climate of any given period. This was certainly true with Politics making a furore on the runways recently inspiring autumn collections for many fashion designers across the globe highlighting women’s rights, immigration and equality.
The Dappertude Fashion

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The Dappertude

The Dappertude was founded by Johnny Li in 2016 and had its first launch in Sydney last year. The Dappertude is used to describe a gentleman who has some 'Dapper Attitude' going on. It's the representation in the way a man presents himself through his personal style, fashion choices and grooming and how they come to create their own unique creativity and persona.
Phoebe Tonkin - Evolution of Style Style

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Phoebe Tonkin - Evolution of Style

From a Mermaid to a Muse. From Cotton On to Chanel. This Australian ingénue is taking her natural beauty and classic-yet-playful style wherever she goes..... she is no doubting proving to be one to watch.
Models of Diversity Health


Models of Diversity

In September 2015, Eyers became the first amputee model to walk the runway for New York Fashion Week as he was personally chosen by designer Antonio Urzi.

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