Ella Bache - the history behind the brand Beauty

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Ella Bache - the history behind the brand

In the 1930’s in Paris lived a pharmacist, Ella Bache, known to be a quiet and private person who enjoyed creating lotions and potions for skincare and beauty. She began with a few handmade formulations using extracts from fruit, tomato and algae to solve certain skin problems.
One night with Gritty Pretty Beauty

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One night with Gritty Pretty

Eleanor Pendleton and Nigel Stanislaus teamed up to bring a one night only, beauty and make-up masterclass evening which was held in both Sydney on July 20th and Melbourne on July 27th. These Beauty and Masterclass evenings were sponsored by Maybelline.
Career Confidence 101 Career


Career Confidence 101

It’s definitely no secret - starting a new internship or job can be daunting AF. There’s important names to remember, protocol to navigate, dress codes to master and about a million other things in between. While confidence builds naturally over time (trust!), we look at a few tried-and-true ways you can speed up the process and cement yourself as a valuable, reliable and seamless part of the team. And honestly, who doesn’t want that?

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