Magic fibres - Sustainable Fashion materials Fashion

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Magic fibres - Sustainable Fashion materials

One of the most exciting and innovative ideas to come out of this approach towards a circular economy is the research and creation of new fibres for materials and textiles. We take a look at some of these materials that have been created as fabric alternatives that local and international brands are using.
First Jobs of Fashion Icons Career


First Jobs of Fashion Icons

In our world of instant gratification and stories of overnight sensations, it can be easy to forget that career success is often a slow-burn that requires patience and perseverance. Ahead, we look at the formative first roles of some of today’s fashion icons...
Fashioned by Nature Fashion


Fashioned by Nature

Through the exhibition of ‘Fashioned with Nature’ which is being presented at the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, we are able to see the link between nature and fashion and the need for fashion to be more responsible and conscious of our environment.

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