Working in Fashion: Expectation vs. Reality Career

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Working in Fashion: Expectation vs. Reality

I knew I wanted to work in fashion around the same time LC knew she probably should’ve worn a jacket on her first day at Teen Vogue. Through devouring every magazine, memoir and movie I could get my hands on, I unwittingly formed a set of preconceived ideas about what it meant to work in the industry. But with five years of fashion industry experience under my belt, I can safely say that the movies are nothing like the books - which are also nothing like real life. Ahead, the fashion industry myths I once believed, that are now well and truly busted...
FYI: Your Gym Gear Is High Fashion Now Fashion

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FYI: Your Gym Gear Is High Fashion Now

Whether you’re exercising your thumb on the treadmill that is Instagram, flicking the pages of your favourite fashion bible, or trawling through bookmarked blogs, you’ve probably noticed one trend in particular inching it’s way closer to the epicenter of sartorial focus; sportswear as everyday wear.
Sneakers with Style Fashion

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Sneakers with Style

Sneakers have being accepted as evening wear, are more accepted in the offices that were once traditional and seen upon the feet men of men in churches whether you be a groomsman or a man of faith. Most recently they have been giving the wearer some serious social conscience. We look at three brands who have been breaking ground in the luxury footwear space.
No Time to Intern? No Worries. Career

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No Time to Intern? No Worries.

Gaining hands-on work experience is imperative to a successful start in the fashion industry, but what do you do if your circumstances don’t afford you the days you need? Whether you need to work to support yourself, have taken on extra classes or live outside a metropolitan hub, there’s no need to sacrifice the idea of an internship - you simply need to reframe it to work for you. Ahead, we look at some tips and tricks to help develop your practical skills and build a professional foundation no matter your scheduling situation...

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