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  • MD Office Door
    MD Office Door

    Posted on May. 7, 2019


    There will be a fridge in the volunteer area. We do have a small space to keep things, but with a large number of you it is best to bring minimal things, no area in BOH is manned by security directly - they are roaming. It is suggested to all staff not to bring anything of significant value. 

    A jacket definitely, your food - yes, your phone - yes. If you have a SMALL over shoulder clutch or bag you can leave this on your persons. 

    Thank you, 
    Miro Door Team. 

  • Gala Alfaro Miguel
    Gala Alfaro Miguel

    Posted on May. 6, 2019


    after reading the handbook I just had some questions regarding what we can bring.
    It says we shouldn't bring anything valuable as there is no where to keep our things, but what do we do with our own food we bring or even a jacket perhaps? 

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