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    Most recent post by NOOR UL SABA

    "Hi Miro Door Team! I've been struggling to get an fashion design internship/job in Sydney.  Does anyone know anyone ..."

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    Most recent post by Sparkle Wren

    "Hello, my name is Sparkle. I truly desire to become a stylist, and would love the opportunity to intern with a fashion c..."

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    Most recent post by MD Office Door

    "Hi Ruby, great to hear from you again.  Pop me over an email to [email protected] I may have something you WILL be ..."

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    Most recent post by Liam Pratt

    "Hi Mirna, I'll start by saying that magazines like Vogue and Harper's tend to swing towards college or university gra..."

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    Most recent post by Sarah Swift

    "Hi Susy,  I found that particular one through, however there are many places that specialise in fashion..."

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