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  • Kim Strano
    Kim Strano

    Posted on Nov. 17, 2016

    Glad your experience was enjoyable Shima!
    It's the volunteers that bring the magic to the show so thank you for your efforts!!

    ☺️ Don't forget to check out my post about the show

  • shima khosravi
    shima khosravi

    Posted on Nov. 17, 2016

    i am so happy tha i dressed up the faith connexion models at made now i have very good experience and the show was great.

  • MD Office Door
    MD Office Door

    Posted on Nov. 14, 2016

    We want to thank all the volunteers that participated in the success of MADE and Faith Connexion show in Sydney on the weekend.
    Still, it was very disappointed to have 7 people not showing for their shift! That is 30% of the total number! 

    I hope all participants had a great time and manage to get an awesome experience.


  • Kim Strano
    Kim Strano

    Posted on Nov. 13, 2016

    Good to hear you had such an awesome time Djirri!

    The show was great! 😄

  • Djirri Desmond
    Djirri Desmond

    Posted on Nov. 13, 2016

    I am so grateful to have been able to be part of  MADE Sydney yesterday helping BOH for Faith Connexion! (such an amazing collection to work with!)
    Great vibe, awesome atmosphere, wonderful people and team!

  • Garland Griff
    Garland Griff

    Posted on Nov. 8, 2016

    so excited to get down to Sydney and work for Faith Connexion at MADE!!

  • Miroslav Kubicek
    Miroslav Kubicek

    Posted on Nov. 7, 2016

    Can't wait for the event! First ever MADE in Australia! 👍

  • Kim Strano
    Kim Strano

    Posted on Nov. 7, 2016

    Join me on this weekend at the first ever #MADESydney,! Your backstage guide to the hottest designers: FAITH CONNEXION + 69 + MISBHV + MADEME + PLACES+FACES + PELVIS + LESSONS CONCEPT STORE + PAGEANT + DAISY + SOULLAND +




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