How does it work?

Miro Door works many different ways, depending who you are:

If you are a person looking for an opportunity to put their foot in the door:

  • Apply for a job on MD Job Board
  • Read articles relating to the industry as well as good career advice
  • Unlimited viewing of various videos published on MD site
  • Search and connect with many industry related colleges around the world
If you are a company looking for new talent:

  • Set up your profile with MD 
  • Create unlimited job posts on MD Job Board
  • Manage all your recruitment needs via dashboard
  • All other access to the site
If you are a college or learning institute:

  • Set up your profile on MD site to access our database
  • All other access to the site

What are the benefits of becoming a MiroDoor member?

You will have access to apply for any opportunities listed on our job board.

What are the benefits of becoming a MiroDoor client?

You will be able to post as many jobs on our Miro Door job board and that way access our database of talent around the world. 

Do I have to have an account with Miro Door?

Simple answer is no, you don’t, you are free to browse through Miro Door site for as long as you want and view as many articles, videos and job opportunities as you like. You only have to be a member to apply for any of the opportunities listen on Miro Door Job Board.

Does it cost to have an account with Miro Door?

No, membership and subscription is absolutely FREE.

Do I have to be certain age to be a member of Miro Door

There is no age limit to become a member. There are sometimes age restrictions to particular opportunities posted on Miro Door Job Board and It is your responsibility to adhere those on case-to-case basis. 

What kind of subscription/membership do I need?

There are 2 types of accounts you can have:

Level 1 – subscription - allows you unlimited access to MD resources, articles and job viewings;

Level 2 – full membership - allows you same access as level 1, plus to apply for any opportunities posted on MD job board.

Can I cancel my membership?

You certainly can! You can do so by contacting [email protected] You can also manage your subscription in your dashboard. E.g. unsubscribe from correspondence and notifications.

What do you do with my personal information?

  • Process, fulfil and keep you informed on the applications you applied for on our website
  • Parts of your personal information is shared with a client of the job you applied for
  • Maintain our relationship with you (including responding to your questions)
Under no circumstances do we NOT share or sell your personal information to a unrelated 3rd party! (see next question)

Will my information used for any other purpose?

We may use your personal information for other purposes (and/or share your information with a third party) because we believe it is necessary to do so, in these circumstances:

  • To provide you with goods or services which you have requested;
  • To protect the rights, property or personal safety of our suppliers, customers or any member of the public;
  • To prevent or help detect fraud or serious credit infringements;
  • To protect our interests (e.g. disclosing information to a court); or If the assets and operations of our business are being transferred to another party as a going concern.

As a client, can i create different user within my company?

This can be done, we can set that up for you. Just let us know your colleges details and we will set it up form our end and let him/her know her log in details. 

As a member, can I post a job?

No, you will have to sign out and create a profile as a client - and post a job once the registration is completed.

As a client - can I apply for a job?

No, you will have to sign out from your dashboard as a client and create your profile as a member - once the registration is completed, you will be able to apply for any jobs you like.

Can I use a same email as a member as well as client?

No, those emails have to be separate. That is the only way for the system to recognize who you are at any time you are on the site - therefore allow you to do the right things.

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