Code of Conduct

If you are going to apply for any volunteer opportunities through, please read these Volunteer Expectations:
  • I will arrive promptly for each scheduled shift, in appropriate attire and footwear.
  • I will not bring my mobile phone or camera into the venue. I understand that taking photos or videos is forbidden, including but not limed to celebrities, designers, models, fashion shows, and backstage areas. I understand that if I am caught with a camera it will be confiscated.
  • I will conduct myself cheerfully, professionally, and discreetly. I understand that as a volunteer, I should represent Miro Door in a positive manner.
  • I understand that promotional items in the Lobby and Venues such as magazines and product are for invited guests.
  • I understand that privacy and professionalism are of the utmost importance, and that I may not discuss fashion shows, backstage activities, celebrities, designers, or anything else that I experience as a volunteer on Facebook, Twitter, Myspace, a personal blog, or any other form of social media or press.
  • I understand that I may not request autographs from designers, models, or celebrities, and that they are here to conduct business or as a guest of the shows.
  • I will refer all media requests to the Event’s PR Team.
  • I understand that the services that I am providing to Miro Door are that of a volunteer.
  • I understand that as a volunteer, I will not be compensated for my services to the Miro Door.
  • I understand that I may not distribute business cards.
  • I understand that I should not sign release forms of any sort onsite for the use of TV shows and/or movies.
  • I will go only to my assigned venue and report on time. When my shift is complete I will promptly return to the Volunteer Office to return my credential.
  • I will not drink alcohol or chew gum during my shift.
  • I understand that fashion show gift bags are for invited guests ONLY and extras should be returned. Taking gift bags without permission is considered theft and will result in being immediately escorted offsite and cancellation of all future volunteer shifts.
  • I understand that volunteering does not mean an invitation to the fashion shows because space for invited guests and media is very limited. I will not ask the Venue Manager or Venue Production Assistant if I can see a show. If and when there is space to see a show, my Venue Production Assistant or the Venue Manager will let me know.
  • I understand that I am free to leave at any time, but that I will do my best to give my supervisor as much notice as possible. I also understand that Miro Door is able to end this arrangement at any time.

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