Miro Door is an online platform that connects the Fashion and Event Industry with young people who are trying to get their foot in the door. Miro Door started in 2011 in Sydney, Australia and since then has expanded worldwide. Well connected in the Fashion Industry, we not only provide introductions between young talent and industry professionals, but also develop amazing opportunities through our well known volunteer program as well as providing advice and news for anybody interested in this field.
Miro Door is here for the Industry, to make it a better place and easy to understand.


Are you are a company or a small business operating in Fashion, Events and other creative fields and looking to find the perfect candidate for your team? Miro Door is the right place for you!
We have the largest global database of young people interested in breaking in to this very sought after industry. If you are looking for young talent to join your team, either as an intern or in a junior role, we not only provide a system to help you find the right people, but also to use our state of the art dashboard, to help you manage the whole process! Simple, clean and absolutely FREE.


Are you looking for a way to break in to the Fashion and Event industry? Or, are you still studying and looking to get hands on experience? Maybe you have recently completed your studies and now you need a place where you can put your knowledge to good use? Perhaps you're still deciding on which direction to take, or even just interested in the industry and would like to find out more.
Miro Door will not only give you a world of work opportunities to help you realise your dream, but it will also give you the ability to search for the right college, as well as read all the news and career advice from this beautiful industry.

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