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    MBFWA: Dyspnea

Source: Casinta

News flash: there's a big pink party about to happen! And you're all invited.

Set below the rosy wreath of a floral arch, the DYSPNEA party is about to kick off in full swing! Aptly described as what Lolita and Ariel would wear in a slow-motion pillow fight in your pink jelly crystal castle, DYSPNEA, trans: a short of breath, is bound to be all rainbows, unicorns and fluffy pink puppies. So grab your pom-poms, wear head to toe pastels and live the inner-Disney dream that your inner child us just kicking and screaming to fulfil.

I've always been a girly-girl, but DYSPNEA took this term, multiplied it by a trillion, turned it upside down and then dyed it pink. If you looked up girly, kawaii and kitsch in a fashion dictionary, I could bet my bottom dollar that this collection would tick the majority of the boxes. 

Oversized brocade tees were dotted with cute collar detailing and slapped over flares that resemble the fabric of a wedding vale. Here comes the (princess) bride!! Meanwhile, oversized fluffy pom-poms made a serious cute statement on glitzy lilac lace. Ah, furry and girly well this show is inspired by Paris Hilton's new dog, after all!

Some serious fairy tale romance was spread through vintage rose motifs on flowy off-the-shoulder tops and Disney-diva capes, proving to me that maybe I could embrace this amazingly crazy over-the-top girly-ness after all.

This made me question, how do the designers seem to know this innate princessy girlishness that somehow hides in the depth of us grown women? Simple; despite an office 9-5 and a sensible wardrobe, the designers make what all us muthafluffas have going on inside our heads.

They had a point and the super glitzy, sparkly pieces literally gave me a dyspnea. *Inhales* As I caught my breath, a sheer midi cami dress adorned with peachy embroidered roses and lashings of pearly beading floated towards me. The piece was layered under a nude, brocade long-length jacket, proving that, for DYSPNEA, more is certainly more.

And as the princesses (erm, I mean models) walked the royal runway one more times before disappearing under the rose-dotted doorway, I was left with a certain yearning of my childhood dress up box, Disney, dolls, and all. 

Photos by: Casinta for Miro Door


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