Logged In Learning: How To Study Fashion Online

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    Logged In Learning: How To Study Fashion Online

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Undertaking tertiary studies at university or college is one of the main pathways to landing a job in the fashion industry, but fronting up to a classroom everyday isn’t the only option. If you’re time-poor, unable to travel or still exploring your interests, studying online offers a wealth of opportunities. Ahead, we look at the key things to consider when deciding if distance education is right for you.

Understanding your wants and needs

To find the best match when studying online, it’s important to consider your wants and needs when researching different education providers. Write down a list of what you want to get out of studying online (A general overview of the fashion industry? In-depth learning in a specific field?) along with any personal requirements (Does your hectic schedule require flexible learning options? Do you value a course that allows you to communicate with trainers?); developing a definitive understanding of wants and needs helps you hone your search from the outset and find the perfect learning platform faster.

Understanding your learning style

Whether you’ve already experienced tertiary education or are fresh out of high school, you’ll have a pretty clear idea of how you like to learn. Some people are quite happy to hit the books for hours, others prefer to look and listen and engaging stimuli, and some find they learn best when working in a practical setting. Being honest about how you absorb information goes a long way in whittling down the search for online courses - some take a traditional theoretical approach, while others offer an audio-visual learning experience.

Committing to the cause

Once you’ve compiled a shortlist of education providers, you should read up on everything that’s required of you if you decide to enrol. Be realistic about your existing commitments and whether adding online study to your schedule is sustainable for the duration of the course. Reach out to potential providers for information on student responsibilities like finances and assessments, so that you can make informed decisions about choosing the best course for your situation.

The end game

As you’ll be dedicating a considerable amount of time, effort and funds into your learning experience, it’s important to know up front what you’ll receive at the end of it. If you expect a certified qualification upon completion, confirm that the course you are considering is nationally recognised and accredited. If your focus is networking and employment, check to see if your chosen provider has a careers platform or offers letters of recommendation upon successful completion. Knowing what you are working towards will help you stay on track throughout your self-directed learning experience.

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