5 Ways To Nail The Boho Trend

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    5 Ways To Nail The Boho Trend

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Unless you are some sort of trend-repelling hermit, you will know that '70s bohemia is all the rage in the fashion world. With high street stores following in the footsteps of designers such as Bec and Bridge and churning out more Woodstock-inspired garments then the entire contents of Stevie Nicks wardrobes, where to start can be totally confusing. 

In the past fifteen years, the boho trend has been like a total trend yo-yo. One minute it is hotter than a vindaloo curry, the next it is collecting dust at the back of your closet. And who can forget Sienna Miller's total boho style takeover moment circa 2005? Even fourteen-year-old me was rocking a gipsy skirt. Fingers crossed that gipsy skirts will never, ever see the light of day again. We can only hope.

Luckily, this season's take on bohemian is less like a raid of your grandmother's closet and more of an edgy take on the 1970s peace and love era. With eclectic prints, textures and fabrics; this trend has a strong air of wanderlust surrounding it. Perhaps this could be due to the fash-packs obsession with luxe travel and the documentation of a travel-filled life via Instagram.

But how on earth do you make sure you look #bohowanderlust, rather than #boholost? And is another piece of suede really just too much for this outfit?í After all, one step taken too far and this is a trend that can totally look like a bad fancy dress costume. Luckily, boho dressing is my absolute calling in life (#blowingmyowntrumpetmuch?) and I'm here to give you five easy ways to nail this summer's prominent trend.

Bec and Bridge 2015

1. Embrace Suede

There's some sort of quirky nostalgia that comes with suede; whether it brings back fond childhood memories of the nineties, or the scent reminds you of the piece that your mother had, hanging in her closet from her youth. No matter what colour suede, or suedette, piece you choose to rock; it comes with a piece of the bohemian past.

Do: Combine with patterns and colours.

Don't: Wear more than one suede piece at once, unless you want to look like your going to a fancy dress party.

2. Make A Statement

One of the most exciting elements of bohemian fashion is the accessories! Take inspiration from oversized and chunky pieces of costume jewellery that wouldn't look out of place in a Moroccan market.

Do: Mix gold and silver

Don't: Go for small, dainty pieces. This trend is all about oversized!

3. Fringe it up!

What is the most prominent boho trend this season? Fringe! Whether you inject it into your look through a garment or an accessory, a fringe piece will immediately bring your boho look forward to 2015.

Do: Go for suede fringing: two trends in one nailed! BOOM!

Don't: Go all-over fringe. No one wants to look like cousin it.

4. Lace And Crochet = Your Feminine Friends

Sienna: Eat your heart out! Lace and crochet are a quick and easy way to add a beachy, feminine vibe to your look.  If you are a boho beginner, try experimenting with pieces that have lace or crochet detailing before you take the plunge with an all-over textured piece. 

Do: Go for flowy shapes.

Don't: Mix lace and suede in different colours. 

5. Find a Print Worthy Of A Moroccan Market

Florals for spring: groundbreaking, said Meryl Streep in ëThe Devil Wears Prada. Although florals inevitably inject that hippy vibe, this season's boho trend is all about wanderlust. Think paisley, Moroccan prints and anything you might find at an Eastern market and you're on the right track!

Do: Combine your printed piece with suede and crochet pieces. #Wunderlust much?

Don't: Go for psychedelic swirls; Austin Powers DID NOT inspire this trend!


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